She Did Not Know

She Did Not Know

When little bundles of joy begin to grow up, they are on a phenomenal learning curve. My children and grandchildren were honest, quick on their feet, and extremely funny. I really enjoyed these early years of questions, investigation, and trial and error.

I was at home alone with our youngest daughter, Lynnette. She was very young and was playing with a few of her toys in the living room as I was watching a great football game. I think maybe it was the Super Bowl, but I am not sure now (that’s not important). Lynnette would hand me a tiny plastic tea cup and a little plastic dish and I would pretend to enjoy a snack while I was watching the game. We were both having our version of fun.

Then, I heard it. The toilet was running in the main bathroom upstairs. I always hate it when the water does not shut off and keeps running. The temporary cure for this running water is not that difficult but it is a little inconvenient when you are trying to watch a game. Being the good dad that I am, I asked little Lynnette if she wanted to do me a favor. She quickly responded with, “What do you want me to do?” I said, “Listen, short pause; Do you hear the water running in the toilet upstairs?” She listened and said that she heard it. I told her to go upstairs and wiggle the toilet and the water would quit running. She was quickly off carefully climbing the stairs. It seemed each step was a third her height, so it took a while for her to climb the stairs and I became entrenched in the game.

When she didn’t return a few minutes, I climbed the stairs and started calling her name. As I reached the bathroom door I heard her say, “I can’t wiggle it Daddy.” When I she came within my site, she had her little arms wrapped around the toilet bowl and she said, “I can’t move it Daddy.” She did not know I meant to wiggle the handle but she was trying to do what I asked her to do. I let her wiggle the handle and the water stopped running, and now she knew.

When I read that Jesus told me to love my neighbor, I was not so good at it. I did not even know who my neighbor was. Jesus not only told me, to love my neighbor. He showed me how and told me to try it, and now I know and it has become a choice. The same is probably true for you too.

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Bill Fix loves people as he lives a fulfilling life. He has written several books and has continued to minister as "The People Pastor" since his retirement as a Lead Pastor. His most incredible thrill is witnessing people excel in their spiritual life. He was a Lead Pastor for thirty-seven years and has equipped hundreds of people to do various ministries in their church and community. Currently, he is a Director on the Board at Community Care Services and is a member of The Taylor Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force. Pastor Bill and his faithful wife Dottie recently celebrated fifty years of marriage. They have two adult daughters married to Godly men, four grandchildren, and are looking forward to being Great Grandparents. Pastor Bill and Dottie are blessed. Pastor Bill Fix began his pastoral career as a children's pastor and has written several children's books. He gives his parents credit for grounding him with principles and truths about life. He knows what good parenting is. His book New Dad Genius is for new dads. Pastor Bill and his entire family have performed illusion programs for hundreds of audiences in and outside the church as a hobby and ministry. He has used ventriloquism, puppetry, art, comedy and more to illustrate a message and put smiles on faces. The People Pastor Bill Fix has a ThD, enjoys education, and has many hobbies like writing, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. This author is a popular officiant at weddings, funerals, home dedications, and other pastoral services. He desires to be a blessing as he lives out Matthew 5:16, his life verse. His books reflect who Pastor Bill is and what he believes.

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