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What If I Told You, We All Are Made To Lead!

Everyone is made in the image of God, and every person has sinned. Our free will allows us to choose good or evil; living a life of truth or deception; becoming more like Jesus or becoming more like the world. It is a journey that can lead to an abundant life or a life of bondage. Step up and lead, be a positive witness for others to follow.

One of the things Dottie, my wife, and I love to do is mentor people. We often see potential in people when they cannot see it in themselves. We often encountered people whose life was messed up, people who believed that they had hit bottom. Time and time again we witnessed how God helped many of these people turn their lives around until they begin to prosper. Some of them continued to walk with the Lord. Unfortunately, others returned to their previous life and messed up their lives again.

When we were in Florida, we partnered with a half-way house where we picked-up young men and women who did all kinds of odd jobs around the church. These folks were strong, good-looking, and articulate. They had great potential but, they all had a common problem. They struggled with a lot of guilt and the bondage of drug addiction. They had leadership potential and could be dynamic citizens. Our prayer is that they would be Christians and serve God. Some of them were not interested in Spiritual things. Others longed to serve the Lord. Most desired to stay in recovery. They all had made poor decisions, chasing sin, and getting hooked. It takes a real leader to say no to the temptations that fool us into thinking what we do, does not matter. We are all called to set an example and that takes leadership. What if I told you, you were called to lead?

The men and women from the halfway house liked accomplishing things at the church and they loved becoming leaders of their support groups. They liked being appointed to oversee newer residents at the halfway house. They were capable and desired to set the example for others. They confessed to having an unquenchable thirst for drugs. That thirst had set them apart. Before coming to the halfway house these young men and women were promoting an addictive lifestyle.

I will never forget a young man that was dealing drugs near our church. I knew him and became his friend. He told me he did not use drugs, he was just a drug dealer. I wanted him to stop selling drugs so I offered him a job at the church. I was going to pay him ten dollars an hour. I saw great potential in this man. When I told him I would give him ten dollars an hour (a real stretch for me), he laughed at me and opened his wallet filled with what looked like hundreds of dollars. He told me that is what he made selling drugs. He was in a different kind of bondage. It broke my heart. I could not help this young man unless he desired to be helped.

My wife and I poured our lives into others. We could identify untapped potential. We had so much fun mentoring, teaching, and encouraging others to live their lives serving Jesus. Some of them were children when we began to mentor them. We watched as they became teens, and now have become mature men and women.  They developed good hearts and were capable of leading, influencing, and mentoring others. Praise the Lord, most of them are doing just that.

A few people we have mentored have chased after the world. At first, they had to work at turning away from the Lord, but because they wanted to be accepted and fit in with their new friends, they persevered until they were enslaved to that lifestyle.

They were never meant to fit in. They were meant to lead, to set an example, and mentor others toward good works. We are not called to be enslaved to the culture or world. People seem to chase after these things when they are tempted by them. Like a cat chasing after a laser light, these things will wear you out and return a substandard lifestyle; A life that falls short of what God intends. God is real and He loves you. Turn to Him and ask him to help you live a better life.

Letting our light shine in dark places is a form of leadership. We are all called to do that. Lead my friends. Lead, because it is the way to a better life!  

Step up and lead,

The People Pastor Bill Fix

Published by People Pastor Dr. Bill Fix

Bill Fix loves serving the Lord and helping people. For many years he pastored in central Florida and Southern Michigan. He and his family traveled extensively performing illusion, puppets, ventriloquism, chalk art, and comedy as a creative way to present the Gospel. When Bill and his family performed, people listened. Bill is a writer and has written several nonfiction Christian books. He has also written a few books for young children. He writes a monthly blog and a newsletter every two weeks. Pastor Bill has been married to his beautiful wife Dottie. for fifty-one years. Their two adult daughters married Godly men and gave them four amazing grandchildren. In 2022 they became great-grandparents. Pastor Bill Fix, known as The People Pastor. has many hobbies like writing, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. He is a popular and frequent officiant at weddings, dedications, and funerals. You can personally email him at fmcbillfix@aol.com or visit his Web page at www.people Pastor.com.

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