Congregational Laughter

By People Pastor Bill Fix

Few people remember the accidental hilarity of their pastor. However, if you are a regular church attendee, you should have enough material in twenty years to write a book about the funny things that happened in our gatherings.

It was hilarious! I was in the sermon’s climax and sensed the Holy Spirit moving. I moved to walk down off the platform and get closer to the people. When I did, the congregation just roared. I had forgotten where the stairs were, and I took one giant step three feet to the floor. I want you to know that several rushed to make sure I was alright before everyone burst into laughter.

There were times when we wanted to laugh, but we knew we better not dare. One of those times happened when we were attending a dramatization of the life and ministry of John Wesley. We were in the middle of a large outside gathering. Everyone sat around the stage area in uncomfortable folding chairs. My daughters were school-age and had little interest in the drama about Wesley. They were enjoying watching all the other people sitting around us.  Sitting a row in front of us and down three or four chairs to the right, a man struggled to pull a big white handkerchief from his back pants pocket. His struggle was funny enough but what happened next caused our cheeks to puff out, holding in the laughter that was trying to escape. The man put that handkerchief up to his nose and blew it long and blew it loud. Unfortunately, it was during a quiet moment in the presentation. Tears were welling on our faces as we tried not to allow our laughter to escape. We tried not to look at each other. We made nose sounds as we attempted to block the laughter. Needless to say, when it was all over, we could not remember much about Wesley, but we cannot forget the man with the honking hanky. LOL

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Bill Fix loves people as he lives a fulfilling life. He has written several books and has continued to minister as "The People Pastor" since his retirement as a Lead Pastor. His most incredible thrill is witnessing people excel in their spiritual life. He was a Lead Pastor for thirty-seven years and has equipped hundreds of people to do various ministries in their church and community. Currently, he is a Director on the Board at Community Care Services and is a member of The Taylor Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force. Pastor Bill and his faithful wife Dottie recently celebrated fifty years of marriage. They have two adult daughters married to Godly men, four grandchildren, and are looking forward to being Great Grandparents. Pastor Bill and Dottie are blessed. Pastor Bill Fix began his pastoral career as a children's pastor and has written several children's books. He gives his parents credit for grounding him with principles and truths about life. He knows what good parenting is. His book New Dad Genius is for new dads. Pastor Bill and his entire family have performed illusion programs for hundreds of audiences in and outside the church as a hobby and ministry. He has used ventriloquism, puppetry, art, comedy and more to illustrate a message and put smiles on faces. The People Pastor Bill Fix has a ThD, enjoys education, and has many hobbies like writing, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. This author is a popular officiant at weddings, funerals, home dedications, and other pastoral services. He desires to be a blessing as he lives out Matthew 5:16, his life verse. His books reflect who Pastor Bill is and what he believes.

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