The Pep Band Plays On

By Dr. Bill Fix the People Pastor

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Not long ago, I attended a basketball game and was embarrassed for how our home team was playing. At the end of the first quarter, they were losing seventeen to three. I thought to myself, “this is going to be a long night.” We had mustered up 10 points by halftime, but the opposing team had accumulated thirty-four points. When the teams went into the locker room at halftime I thought about how I hate to lose. I also hate for anyone I am cheering for to lose.

I listened as my granddaughter played drums in the Pep Band. They played as if they could not see the score. They played with great pep, enthusiasm, and spark. Everyone seemed to forget about the score of the game and cheered as they listened to the home team’s Pep Band.

As the second half began, there was little hope for the home team coming back from this huge deficit. But, they began doing a lot of things differently. The home team played a different type of defense, as they ran a full-court press. They intercepted the opponent’s passes, encouraged each other and scored several times. The defense stopped the visiting team scoring like they did in the first half. By the end of the third quarter, our team had narrowed the deficit to six points. When the fourth quarter buzzer sounded, they had tied the game. The home team, played well in overtime and won the basketball game by four points. The Pep Band played on.

In reflection, this reminded me of life. It is never too late to turn things around. Maybe you or someone you know has messed up the first part of life. When a person is not where they could be in in life it is discouraging. If only, they would turn it all around. As they go into the locker room at halftime, some supporters give up on them. Blessed is the person that has someone that never gives up on them. It might be a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, anyone that keeps hoping and praying. They might encourage, and show a better way to live life. They become their pep band.

The second half of a person’s life can be completely different from the first half. They may have a new defense and full court press that changes things. Often a new relationship, renewed faith, and a new found hope becomes life altering. More often than not, they find the Lord, everything changes, and this is an occasion to celebrate. When the buzzer sounds and the second half closes with a final breath, there is victory. And, the Pep Band plays on. The parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin; that someone who prayed and never gave up. The Pep Band plays on, and oh how sweet the victory.

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