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During a time of anger and frustration, he threw down his arm with such speed that his watch flew off his wrist. The crystal of the watch cracked as it hit the hardwood floor. His condescending words made it worse, “It’s a cheap old watch anyway.” The man’s little girl stopped him in his tracks when she said, “Daddy, that is the watch we bought you for Christmas.” What a fool this man had made of himself. He was loud, demanding, and obnoxious. His behavior was inexcusable. His excuse? He just “lost it.”

What did this man lose? He lost control of his emotions. His tongue spoke before his brain could process the ramifications of his words. So he lost control of his tongue. He lost his temper and his anger was out of control.  Anger out of control is rage and rage is sin. This man was uncontrollably angry in front of people he loved the most; big mistake!

Has anything like this happened to you? How frequently does it happen? Are you a screamer? Do you act out your anger? A teen slams a door. A young husband punches a hole in the bedroom wall. A woman slams her fists down on the microwave putting an unrepairable dent in the top of it. A child threatens to pack a suitcase and leave. A man shatters a glass by throwing it on the floor. What are some of the unattractive things you have done when you were angry? Commonly, people “lose it”.  Rage is intimidating, sinful, and hurtful. Most people regret their uncontrolled actions after their jets cool, and they regain control.

A Christlike response is orderly and controlled. The Holy Spirit guides us to respond in a Christlike manner. Being a servant in the Word, a person of prayer, and a disciple of Christ is how we can become more like Christ. Being like Christ is a journey, not a destination. When things get hot and we keep our cool, Christ is at work in us. When we ask for and apply wisdom from God, in our responses to anger, stress, and disappointment, the results are rewarding. I know there are ears that do not hear, and eyes that do not see. There will be people that will continue to lose it without restraint. This is a very slippery slope.

I met a man who enjoyed intimidating others. He used intimidation to get his way and to instill fear in others. People would cower to him. A marriage counselor suggested that he quit intimidating and begin responding with control and love. The man thought responding that way was a sign of weakness, not strength. The counselor told the man that it was more difficult to control our tongue, anger, and actions than to yell and scream. The man continued to yell and intimidate his family, and his wife divorced him.  She feared for her family’s safety. The consequence of this man not being Christlike cost him his most precious possession, his family.

There are many suggestions in the Bible for living a Godly Christlike life. Studying the life of Christ in the Gospels, and applying James and Proverbs is a fantastic start. The Bible teaches how to be a Godly person.

Ten Suggestions to help you become Christlike:

1. Read the Bible.

2. Pray Often

3. Join a Bible believing church.

4. Notice the Holy Spirit’s prompting and leading.

5. Admit and apologize when you have acted inappropriately.

6. Proclaim Christ as Savior and Lord of your life.

7. Encourage Others (pull people up, don’t push them down.

8. Think the best (Philippians 4:8)

9. Openly proclaim your love for people

10. Have an accountability partner that can mentor you

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