A Weekly Tip To A Better Life

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Generosity Leads to a Better Life

A generosity that blesses others leads to a better life. Do you know people who have been spoiled by their parents? That’s me. Not only have my parents spoiled me but the people that surround me have spoiled me. As if that is not enough, God has been, over the top, good to me. Let me be clear, I believe I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve. God has truly been very good to me. He is the original supreme blesser (He is generous). Jesus was so generous that He took our place and the punishment for our sins. No one deserves that generous blessing. 

Generosity is freely given and never deserved.  Receiving what we deserve is a wage.

You undoubtedly know people, or maybe you are a person, who is generous with insult, criticism, selfishness, discouragement, jealousy, dominance, hatred, prejudice, and other ungodly traits. Some people believe it is their Spiritual gift to be negative, discouraging, and critical. Jesus taught that it is easy to see the speck in someone else’s eye and neglect the board in our own eye. Jesus came to give life and we should give life too. We can do that by generously blessing others.


  1. Look for people who are alone, not chosen, left out, not popular, handicapped, struggling, and ignored. You can make a positive difference in their life by befriending them. Our world needs people that will do that. You will be blessed by standing in the gap for them. Agape love them and desire the best for them.
  2. Encourage people to take a step in the right direction or another step in the right direction. Be willing to help them if you can, to take that step. Claiming that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and you can too.
    • A spiritual step toward God. Lead them to Jesus or in a ministry.
    • A career step.
    • An education step
    • A relational step
    • A health-related step
    • A boldness step
  3. Thoughts and prayers. When people come to mind, it is for a reason. There are several things we can do when that happens.
    • Pray for them. You may not know what is going on in their life at that very moment but God does.
    • Think about them. What do you know about them? What they are facing, their relationships, your friendship with them? What can you do to help them? Send a card? Take them some cookies? Send an encouraging message? Visit them? Call them? Send a gift?
  4. Become a conduit to bless someone. You might have a car you could loan or give them. You might bless them with groceries. You might help them with rent or you might just give them money to use where it is needed most. Give them a significant gift at Christmas. Hire them to do some work. A double blessing would be to hire them to be a blessing to someone else needing help: mow an elderly neighbors yard, deliver groceries to a hungry or needy person.  

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