911 What’s Your Emergency?

Last night I met Sheriff Deputy Z. He was responding to a 911 call that I had made. It was after midnight when we went to bed. The sheets and blankets felt good as we climbed into our king-size bed. It did not take long until we both, Dottie and I, were sound asleep. SuddenlyContinue reading “911 What’s Your Emergency?”

Integrity of a Dad

A Dad of Integrity There is no other character trait more critical to fathering children than being a person of integrity. Integrity develops, grows, and earns the trust, confidence, reliance, and love of individuals. People desire and are looking for a leader. The best leaders are people of high moral character. They are trusted. MenContinue reading “Integrity of a Dad”

I Tried to Participate in My Cataract Surgery

I dressed as they had suggested; comfortable slacks, a t-shirt, and my comfy dollar store shoes. It was the day of my first cataract surgery. I was looking forward to seeing better. When I arrived in the surgical unit, they asked if I had to go to the bathroom before they hooked me up toContinue reading “I Tried to Participate in My Cataract Surgery”

Buy a Bundle Of Books and Save $$$

What if you are asked to speak at a funeral or, even more stressful, officiate one. You never know when you will be called upon to share in a funeral or memorial service. Memorials to Remember is all you will need to officiate a funeral service. I have taught the material in this book toContinue reading “Buy a Bundle Of Books and Save $$$”