Buy a Bundle Of Books and Save $$$

What if you are asked to speak at a funeral or, even more stressful, officiate one. You never know when you will be called upon to share in a funeral or memorial service. Memorials to Remember is all you will need to officiate a funeral service. I have taught the material in this book toContinue reading “Buy a Bundle Of Books and Save $$$”

Joyfully Remembering With Family

Lydia, our Granddaughter has become quite the little photographer. She is just awesomely talented, and is also newly married to Taylor Wiesman. Lydia is able to pull off some magical trickery on her own. We wanted to do a photo shoot for our fiftieth wedding anniversary coming up April 10, 2021 and Lydia was openContinue reading “Joyfully Remembering With Family”

Weekly Tip For a Better Life

There are various reasons we all need a vacation. I am on a Christmas vacation right now with my immediate family. There are eleven of us and at times the noise from all the conversations and laughter is exhilarating. The younger ones have been quarantined so long that they are anxious to communicate, and itContinue reading “Weekly Tip For a Better Life”

A Tip For a Better Life – Lead

What If I Told You, We All Are Made To Lead! Everyone is made in the image of God, and every person has sinned. Our free will allows us to choose good or evil; living a life of truth or deception; becoming more like Jesus or becoming more like the world. It is a journeyContinue reading “A Tip For a Better Life – Lead”

It Happened in Small Churches

Have you ever meant to say one thing and what came out of your mouth was something entirely different? Well, it happens to everyone. Candidates running for the highest offices in our country often welcome people from Detroit when they are actually in Chicago. It happens to the best public speakers even Pastors of smallContinue reading “It Happened in Small Churches”

Great Things Are Happening In Small Churches

                                  The People Pastor Bill Fix It happens in small churches. Church size has never stopped the Lord from using small churches to do amazing things. I was a Pastor blessed to observe the many ways that Jesus is personified in all the people serving Him. His kingdom does come in these churches as peopleContinue reading “Great Things Are Happening In Small Churches”

She Did Not Know

When little bundles of joy begin to grow up, they are on a phenomenal learning curve. My children and grandchildren were honest, quick on their feet, and extremely funny. I really enjoyed these early years of questions, investigation, and trial and error. I was at home alone with our youngest daughter, Lynnette. She was veryContinue reading “She Did Not Know”