I Wanna Be There by Pastor Bill Fix

Wheat among thorns Sower to all that is torn I wanna be the best for you Feed, clothe and give you shoes Bind your wounds and give you hope Be your friend and help you cope I wanna be there, Wanna be there for you Wanna be the best for you Be like Jesus. ShareContinue reading “I Wanna Be There by Pastor Bill Fix”

Kids Do the Cutest Things

When the kids were in grade school they attended Mansfield Christian School in Mansfield Ohio. Oh my goodness is it ever cold during the winters in Mansfield. I remember one of my cars had a vent that did not close all the way and I literally froze as I drove that car. To compensate forContinue reading “Kids Do the Cutest Things”

Great Family Great Friends

I have a great family. My son-in-law set this Blog account up for me since I am not a cyber-native. I know how to turn on the computer, run programs, and surf the internet with limited success but for the most part I know very little. I say all of that to point out that I haveContinue reading “Great Family Great Friends”

New Book Is With The Editor

The People Pastor Bill Fix I am so excited that on August 25th at 3 am my new book went to the editor. The title of the book is “The Dead End Road Devotional,” The subtitle is: “Fishing for Principles and Truths on Life’s Journey”. I decided to make the book a devotional after IContinue reading “New Book Is With The Editor”

Thanksgiving is Thanks-getting

I heard an absurd commercial today that said “Thanksgiving is Thanksgetting.” The commercial urged listeners to feed their desires by purchasing whatever they had on their ‘want list’ for Thanksgiving, thus making it Thanksgetting. Think about that for a second, “Thanksgiving is Thanksgetting.” We could call Thanksgiving, Thanksgetting because we receive some really neat thingsContinue reading “Thanksgiving is Thanks-getting”