Three Decisions True Leaders make

 True leaders make a multitude of decisions each and every day. Great people have said these things in various ways. People like Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, and many others have a legacy of leadership training and development. They have all taught me and I try to teach others who will hopefully teach others.Continue reading “Three Decisions True Leaders make”

Church Growth On Runway One

A Successful Church “Part One” Can you imagine trying to fly a plane and getting mixed signals from the control tower? One Controller tells you to approach runway 2 and another tells you to approach runway 6? Both controllers are adamant that there directions are the right directions. There is no way you can followContinue reading “Church Growth On Runway One”

You Can Get Through This Depression

In Seminary I remember a class where we discussed the “Tripartation of Mankind” or “Man the Triune Being” . It simply means that there are three distinct parts of mankind; body, soul, and spirit. I think it is comforting to know that the body or shell of man may die but the person lives on.Continue reading “You Can Get Through This Depression”


There are numerous ways to have and to keep great friends. Here are five things you can do today that will make you more “friend friendly.”  Let me share five very easy things that you can begin doing today that will make your list of friends longer tomorrow. 1. SHOW YOURSELF TO BE FRIENDLY –Continue reading “FIVE WAYS TO GREAT FRIENDSHIPS”

Celebrate Life 2014 “Christians Remember Those Gone Home”

Celebrating the life of a person that has gone to heaven is a great way to express our continued love for people gone home. On March 16, 2014 at 7 pm Journey of Hope is having a Celebrate Life Service.My wife and I intend to remember our parents and brothers whom we greatly miss andContinue reading “Celebrate Life 2014 “Christians Remember Those Gone Home””