You Can Be Successful In Your Ministry

Have you ever thought that God wanted you to go deeper in your ministry? That he was calling you to something greater? That He was wanting you to do something that you felt unqualified to do? Welcome to the club! God really wants us to rely on Him. He did however put into each personContinue reading “You Can Be Successful In Your Ministry”

Ministry Intern John Cabanaw First Sermon

John Cabanaw did a fine job on Mother’s Day, honoring moms while speaking the truth of God’s Word. John’s text was on the idealistic life taken from Proverbs 31. John reminded all of us that Christ is the Bridegroom and we, the church, are the Bride of Christ. His challenge to make Christ, Savior wasContinue reading “Ministry Intern John Cabanaw First Sermon”

The Dead End Road and The River of Life

The lessons that I learned from my dad at a place we called the “Dead End Road” are timeless lessons that are easily transferred into my everyday life. They are treasures really. Treasures that have lifelong dividends. Experiencing the unconditional love of my earthly dad at the Dead End Road, has made it easier for me to accept andContinue reading “The Dead End Road and The River of Life”

Global Leadership Summit

August 11 and 12 Dottie and I attended the Global Leadership Summit a Conference that was telecast around the world to approximately 150,000 leaders. The conference is a Christian Leadership Conference but has expertly pulled together the best leaders from the secular and religious venues for this intense two day event. This is the secondContinue reading “Global Leadership Summit”