The Dead End Road Devotional (Fishing for Principles and Truths On Life’s Journey)

Author Special – You can buy The Dead End Devotional for an Author Special Price of $7.95. This is a huge 20% off of the regular price of $9.95. But there is more! You will get free shipping anywhere within the United States.


Memorials to Remember (How to Plan, Prepare and and Perform Funerals)

Special Postage Paid price $7.00. This how-to book will be a great resource for anyone who may be called upon to speak at a funeral service. In the unfortunate circumstance that a close friend or relative would die and you were asked to perform the service or say a few words, would you know what to do? This book is the resource that explain exactly what to do. This book is a great reference for officiants, pastors, and others that may be asked to lead a funeral service. Maybe you are a person that would like to write your own funeral service, this book will provide all the information you need. The Author, Bill Fix performs dozens of funerals annually. He is often called upon to officiate funeral services for people who do not have pastors. For $7.00 you can have this book in your library and we will pay the postage.


Custom Funeral Poetry (Highlighting a Legacy in Poetry)

A special Author Special. You can have this book for $5 and we will pay the postage. Custom poems personalize a funeral service in a very moving way. Each individual is unique and families desire to remember their loved one in a positive light. Poetry is a great way to do that and Custom Funeral Poetry are a collection of such poems. This book may inspire you to write a custom poem for your loved one. Bill Fix performs dozens of funerals each year and he writes a personalized poem for each one. Get your copy for a special price of $5 postage paid.


  • The Butterscotch Story (Powerful Faith With Resolute Focus)

    Butterscotch was a Cocker Spaniel, a good dog, but one that got into trouble when he took his eyes off of his master. The story is more than a metaphor about keeping focused on the master, It includes numerous stories about the love and comradery of God’s people. You can pick this book up for a special postage paid price of $7.95.


    Daddy Can I Go Fishing? (The Adventures of Billy Fix Series)

    A special Author Price of $6 postage paid. Billy was too small to go fishing, but he wanted to go. He had grown some since last year. Will Dad allow him to go fishing now? What would that first adventure be like. Read this book and see if Billy’s Dad finally took him fishing.


    The Yellow One-Eyed Monster Coloring Book

    This is the full story with pictures that can be colored. Children love to color and after coloring the entire book they still have a story that they can tell or read to others. Buy it today from me for $5 Postage Paid.



    The Yellow One-Eyed Monster

    This is a book in the series, The Adventures of Billy Fix. Billy was very afraid of the dark. He hated bedtime and his imagination would sometimes go wild when he was in his dark bedroom. What was The Yellow One-Eyed Monster? Read the book to find out. This is book has beautiful, fully colored illustrations on every page of the story. Great book for discussion. Buy this from me for only $8.00 postage paid.


    The Day My Fishing Pole Got Away (The Adventures of Billy Fix Series)

    A lot of things happen when a young boy goes fishing. His imagination kick in and even if the fish aren’t biting, it is an adventure. This is the third book in the series, The Adventures of Billy Fix. The book is beautifully illustrated in full color and the story teaches why it is important to pay attention. You can Buy the book for your child and be sure to talk about the lessons learned. A great deal at $5 postage paid.


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