Your Hope Factor

By Bill Fix Th.D Would you consider yourself an over-the-moon, bright-sided, tickled pink, hopeful, optimistic person most of the time? Your attitude and mindset about the future, other people, circumstances, etc.,  is part of your “Hope Factor.” Hope can awaken you mentally and physically and affect you relationally. Hope is a factor that can keepContinue reading “Your Hope Factor”

Fifty-Plus Years of Marital Bliss

A Kept Promise of Love Discover the Secret to Longevity in Marriage Wedding vows include a promise to love and cherish your spouse for better or worse, in sickness or health; in poverty or wealth, until death do you part. Both the bride and the groom make this commitment. The secret to longevity in marriageContinue reading “Fifty-Plus Years of Marital Bliss”

Five Attributes of Friendly People

Friendly people stand out in a crowd. Not all of them are charismatic and outgoing but they appear to be. Both introverts and extroverts can be very friendly and outgoing. There are some common denominators that make them so. Here are five defining attributes that seem common to friendly people: Friendly People Smile – SmilesContinue reading “Five Attributes of Friendly People”

Integrity of a Dad

A Dad of Integrity There is no other character trait more critical to fathering children than being a person of integrity. Integrity develops, grows, and earns the trust, confidence, reliance, and love of individuals. People desire and are looking for a leader. The best leaders are people of high moral character. They are trusted. MenContinue reading “Integrity of a Dad”

Kids Do the Cutest Things

When the kids were in grade school they attended Mansfield Christian School in Mansfield Ohio. Oh my goodness is it ever cold during the winters in Mansfield. I remember one of my cars had a vent that did not close all the way and I literally froze as I drove that car. To compensate forContinue reading “Kids Do the Cutest Things”

Great Family Great Friends

I have a great family. My son-in-law set this Blog account up for me since I am not a cyber-native. I know how to turn on the computer, run programs, and surf the internet with limited success but for the most part I know very little. I say all of that to point out that I haveContinue reading “Great Family Great Friends”