Snags, Tangles, and Hang-ups Part One: Snags

By The People Pastor Bill Fix You know what they are. You experience snags, tangles and hang-ups almost every day of your life. They can be scary, alarming and paralyzing. It would be nice if snags did not exist, but they do. So, what is the first thing you do when you discover you areContinue reading “Snags, Tangles, and Hang-ups Part One: Snags”

Which Hand Gives?

Last Christmas, Dottie (my wife) and I purchased Christmas gifts for four children at a local elementary school through our church. We had time to talk and determine what we wanted to give, but I have a confession to make; we gave a considerable amount more than what we intended to give. Hear this though:Continue reading “Which Hand Gives?”

Deservitude A Growing Problem

Deservitude | A Growing Problem by Bill Fix, the People Pastor Do you suffer from deservitude? Deservitude is a word I made up. It is a false belief that God or someone else owes us something because we deserve it. When we begin to unpack deservitude, we find repulsive forms of this sin. Prejudice andContinue reading “Deservitude A Growing Problem”

Planted At Woodlawn Cemetery

Bill once told me that when he died, he wanted to ‘be planted’ in Woodlawn Cemetery. I asked Bill where he believed he would spend eternity, Heaven or Hell. I hurt in my heart when Bill looked me in the eye and said, “Hell.” Bill went on to tell me that he had been aContinue reading “Planted At Woodlawn Cemetery”

Conquer Anger and Intimidation – Be Christlike

During a time of anger and frustration, he threw down his arm with such speed that his watch flew off his wrist. The crystal of the watch cracked as it hit the hardwood floor. His condescending words made it worse, “It’s a cheap old watch anyway.” The man’s little girl stopped him in his tracksContinue reading “Conquer Anger and Intimidation – Be Christlike”

In Marriage Do Not Trivialize the Vital or Vitalize the Trivial

She used the little broom and shovel from the fireplace set and her mop bucket to clean out the fireplace for her husband.  She carefully cleaned all the ash, putting both coals and ash in the mop bucket.  As she picked up the bucket by the handle to take the coals outside to the burnerContinue reading “In Marriage Do Not Trivialize the Vital or Vitalize the Trivial”

Your Day: A Good Beginning and An Awesome Ending

I like to begin and end my day, talking to God. I have much to praise and thank Him for. The refrain of the song, “Count Your Blessings,” comes to mind: Count your blessings, name them one by one,Count your blessings; See what God hath done!Count your blessings, name them one by one,And it willContinue reading “Your Day: A Good Beginning and An Awesome Ending”

Always Do The Right Thing

In churches that I have pastored, a Christmas tree in the lobby had names of needy children on it with a gift suggestion for that child. Dottie and I would always take a few cards and buy gifts for the children. We would spend about $25 on each child. Since retiring, we have been attending aContinue reading “Always Do The Right Thing”