Daddy Can I Go Fishing

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Daddy Can I Go Fishing is a story of a young child’s desire to go fishing with his Daddy. Billy is that child and when he asked other family members if they thought he was too little to go fishing, he did not get discouraged. Was Daddy joking when he said Billy would have my own fishing pole? You will have to read the book to find out. This is a great story of hope, anticipation, and growing up slowly. Children will enjoy reading Daddy Can I Go Fishing or hearing an older person reading it to them.

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Fishing With Dad

When I was younger I loved fishing with my Dad and other family members. I loved catching fish, but even if the fish were not biting, I liked being at the river with all the adventure that it brought.

I didn’t realize it then, but Dad taught me a lot about life when we fished the Olentangy River. The three types of paths that ran parallel to the river are similar to the journey we have in life, there was the high and easy path, the scary transition path from the high path to the low path of action. Each of these paths are described in my first book The Dead End Road Devotional.

I also learned that fish do not bite when the hook is showing. I realize that we all have hooks that show occasionally in our life. When our hooks show, people want to get away from us. When I saw the lures in the tackle box I made the same mistake then that I still make today; The biggest lure will not catch the biggest fish. I learned that there are snags and tangles in the river of life. When I was small, I took these snags to my Daddy. I still get tangled up in life and I often take those tangles to my Heavenly Father, in prayer. I learned the roads end but the journey continues. We called this place at the Olentangy, The Dead End Road. You can read all about it here The Dead End Road Devotional.

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