Memorials To Remember

How to Plan, Prepare, and Perform Funerals

A Funeral Resource

The author has been the officiant at dozens of funerals each year as a full time pastor and now a retired pastor and author. This book was written to provide valuable information and help for churches, pastors, officiants and those called upon to participate in a memorial service. In this book you will find:

  • Valuable information to help pastors, officiants, funeral directors, and others who are responsible to plan, prepare, and perform funerals.
  • Full services are included and can be used as a template or guide
  • A list of questions that need to be answered so that the deceased person will be respectfully honored and remembered.
  • A cost estimate of funeral services
  • Scriptures and Sermons that are appropriate for a Christian funeral
  • Ideas for making final arrangements
  • Clear directions on how to plan, prepare and present opening words, a eulogy, poetry, and Scripture.
  • How to properly honor and remember the deceased with a service that will tenderly provide comfort those grieving.
  • A guide to help churches with a system to facilitate and provide the best care for families grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • A system that works well at a time that is very difficult for all that are involved.

I hope Memorials to Remember will become a valuable resource for people involved in planning a funeral.

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Memorials to Remember

A step by step resource to help with the planning, preparation, and presentation of a service to remember and honor a person that has died and comfort those surviving the deceased.

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The Dead End Road Devotional

A book that can be used for a personal devotional, a Bible Study, a Small Group Study or a book of faith. This book is simple reading with simple but profound truth and principles.

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Custom Funeral Poetry

The author has written custom poems for many of the funerals he has conducted. This is a collection of several of the poems the People Pastor Bill Fix has written..

Pastor Bill, the funeral service you officiated for my Dad was the best one I have ever attended. It was as if you knew him and the poem you wrote honored my Dad and was very appropriate. Thank-you for being so loving and compassionate to our family. Danny

It has always been a privilege and honor to remember a person’s life and to comfort a grieving family in the Name of Jesus. Pastor Bill Fix

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