Always Do The Right Thing

In churches that I have pastored, a Christmas tree in the lobby had names of needy children on it with a gift suggestion for that child. Dottie and I would always take a few cards and buy gifts for the children. We would spend about $25 on each child. Since retiring, we have been attending aContinue reading “Always Do The Right Thing”

The Most Meaningful Christmas

Meaningful? What is the most meaningful Christmas you ever celebrated? Was it the year you received a new X-Box, sixty-inch smart television, a new car, a new home? Was it a time when you went on vacation? For my family, it was a year when we could not afford to purchase gifts. There were noContinue reading “The Most Meaningful Christmas”

Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration

It was time! Time to put up the Christmas tree again. In the attic were cardboard boxes filled with Christmas ornaments, lights, and decorations. There were lots of them. In the middle of the hallway ceiling was a rope connected to a pull-down staircase. I pulled down the stairway, and Florida heat fell from theContinue reading “Homemade Christmas Tree Decoration”