Conquer Anger and Intimidation – Be Christlike

During a time of anger and frustration, he threw down his arm with such speed that his watch flew off his wrist. The crystal of the watch cracked as it hit the hardwood floor. His condescending words made it worse, “It’s a cheap old watch anyway.” The man’s little girl stopped him in his tracksContinue reading “Conquer Anger and Intimidation – Be Christlike”

The Thanksgiving Feast and Glow

She would begin baking pies and making casseroles the night before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day, the turkey, ham, and several side dishes culminated into an aroma that I will never forget. The only thing that has changed in my 72 Thanksgivings is the one preparing the feast. For me, my Mother was that first “she.”Continue reading “The Thanksgiving Feast and Glow”

911 What’s Your Emergency?

Last night I met Sheriff Deputy Z. He was responding to a 911 call that I had made. It was after midnight when we went to bed. The sheets and blankets felt good as we climbed into our king-size bed. It did not take long until we both, Dottie and I, were sound asleep. SuddenlyContinue reading “911 What’s Your Emergency?”

Integrity of a Dad

A Dad of Integrity There is no other character trait more critical to fathering children than being a person of integrity. Integrity develops, grows, and earns the trust, confidence, reliance, and love of individuals. People desire and are looking for a leader. The best leaders are people of high moral character. They are trusted. MenContinue reading “Integrity of a Dad”

Great Family Great Friends

I have a great family. My son-in-law set this Blog account up for me since I am not a cyber-native. I know how to turn on the computer, run programs, and surf the internet with limited success but for the most part I know very little. I say all of that to point out that I haveContinue reading “Great Family Great Friends”