Tip For a Better Life – Step Aside

The other day I was preparing to make some Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum right? My Granddaughter Lucy was over and I asked her if she would like to help Papa (that’s what she calls me) make some chocolate chip cookies? She said she would like that.

I gave her my recipe and I stepped aside as she did all of the work. I was proud of her as she followed the recipe, put the cookies on the cookie sheet and put them in the oven. I have baked these cookies dozens of times myself, but this time was the most fun for me. The cookies were delicious and I bragged on the great job she had done. I had stepped aside so that Lucy could step up. She was successful, and I felt good as she offered “Her” cookies to the family. She beamed with her success.

I started stepping aside when my children were very young. There were many things that they could do and I stepped aside to let them step up. True, many things they thought were chores, but they were thrilled when they succeeded at doing a good job. In our family ministry, as Christian entertainers, I often stepped aside so that they could excel. I was very proud of them.

One of the most successful things anyone can do in life is to step aside so someone else can step up. The most thrilling thing for me in life is to see someone else excel in doing something that I once did. Stepping aside gives people that opportunity. I have watched God use this in the church many times during my 40+ years of ministry. I used to be very concerned when a worship leader would move away, or a treasurer decided to take a break, or a facility manager decided to quit. I would often pray, Lord, now what am I going to do? Remarkably, in each and every instance someone else would step up. Often they did a better job than the person they replaced.

When I was a Lead Pastor, I mastered stepping aside. I had a great work ethic and could do a lot of things in the ministry, but none of them were as important as stepping aside so others could step up. Many times I would do a little training and then I would watch people become competent and content in a ministry, serving God.

For many years I have taught a class to help people go to the next level in their ministry for God. I loved teaching this class but my greatest joy was seeing people succeed in a specific ministry in the church or community. One of the greatest moments in that class happened when Matt and Herbert and Gail and others began teaching that class to others. I am so glad that I stepped aside so others could step up.

Stepping aside accomplishes many things.

  1. It is a good way for a leader to free up a usually busy schedule.
  2. It gives someone else the opportunity to accomplish something significant.
  3. It encourages others to step up.
  4. It provides a smoother run operation.
  5. Many hands make work light. It helps prevent burn-out
  6. Others begin to see a bigger purpose for their lives.
  7. Success is shared by many.
  8. Watching others be successful is very fulfilling

If you are doing it all, people may say you are remarkable, but I would say you are being foolish. I am a pastor and have seen other pastors open the worship service with a greeting, pray, read scripture, lead music, make announcements, etc. What is wrong with this picture? They are not stepping aside so others can step up. I tell you stepping aside will lead to a better life. Master it!

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